Snoop Dogg’s Son Modeled For New York Fashion Week

runwayhero Snoop Dogg’s Son Modeled For New York Fashion Week

It turns out that Snoop Dogg’s son has just as much style as his pops. Whoever did? Once a wide receiver for UCLA Bruins, Cordell Broadus is now ditching the football field and is entering the world of fashion. By using fashion and modeling to build his branding platform, Broadus is on the road to becoming as great of an entrepreneur as his father Mr. D-o-double g.

Cordell Broadus, receiver and runway star

runway Snoop Dogg’s Son Modeled For New York Fashion Week
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In case you missed out, Snoop Dogg’s son Cordell Broadus was among several models to hit the runway for Philip Plein this past Saturday night. Apparently, the 6 foot 3 wide receiver is leaving his football pursuits behind to chase new opportunities, starting with fashion.

Aspiring to be an entrepreneur just like his father Snoop, the 20-year-old told the New York Post that in regards to his plans for the future, fashion is just the beginning,

I’m just using fashion as a vehicle to open up more doors and opportunities for my entrepreneurialism further down the line.

Broadus also noted that he wants to use modeling to help get his name out there. At the same time, he wants to tell stories, especially one on his grandfather, aka Poppa Snoop,

I want to executive-produce and star in my own movies. I’m going to use modeling as a branding platform so people can see my face and see my brain. I want to make movies like Marvel, and I want to tell stories.

I want to do a story on my grandfather and his life because he’s a Vietnam vet. He’s got tremendous stories and life experiences.

He gets it honest

runway2 Snoop Dogg’s Son Modeled For New York Fashion Week
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Speaking of Poppa Snoop, Vernell Varnado was also at the show. In fact, it’s a funny story how he got there. While accompanying his grandson Cordell to the casting call, Pops winded up with his own spot on the runway. Apparently, Plein liked what he saw. And after Pops snapped a photo of he and Plein and posted it on Instagram, in came thousands of followers,

I came up here just to be his guardian angel, and all of a sudden I get 2,000 followers in two days.

While Cordell is excited for all the new opportunities to come, he does admit that it’s hard to leave a game that he’s been a part of since he was six. And of course, the most difficult part was breaking it his dad, who boasts about his many athletic achievements in ESPN docu-series, “Snoop & Son: A Dad’s Dream.”

But at the end of the day, he says it’s all about doing what makes him happy. And sometimes, you have to put yourself first,

Ever since I made my decision, I’ve been tremendously happy and my family has supported me the whole way. It was pretty hard for my dad, but he adjusted to it and he accepted me for who I am.

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