Illumitex Expands LED Offering With Enhanced Full Spectrum for Flowering Plants


Illumitex announced today the new X6 full-spectrum light. The X6 spectrum has been engineered with increased output in the 500 to 650nm region while maintaining a high level of blue (400-450 nm) and deep-red (650-700 nm).

“We are excited to deliver the Full-Spectrum X6 light to our customers,” says Yan Ren-Butcher, PhD, Illumitex’s new Director of Horticulture Science. “This full-spectrum has been designed to maximize chlorophyll A and B absorption. The increased green wavelengths between 520-560nm allows much deeper canopy penetration to produce the most biomass per plant.”

Illumitex has offered innovative and diverse spectra over the fifteen-year history of the company. The variety of spectra allows for a horticultural operation to select the right mix of wavelengths to get the right result from their crop whether fruiting, flowering, veg or germinating. The new spectrum addresses the need for a broader color range giving growers in greenhouse and sole-source lighting facilities the capability of driving very specific plant results.

“The X6 full-spectrum is a result of research and responding to customer feedback,” says Jeff Bisberg, CEO of Illumitex. “Part of our goal with any technology is providing solutions that drive results for operations across applications. The full spectrum light is also an important piece of our digital horticulture product line that will monitor every plant at every moment to deliver actionable information that positively impacts a growers business.”

Source: Cannabis Business Times