Ohio Auditor Finds 'Critical Flaw' in Licensing Process for Medical Marijuana Cultivators


Ohio Auditor Dave Yost said he has flagged a “critical flaw”–administrator access to scorers’ account passwords–in the process of licensing cultivators for the state’s medical marijuana program.

In response, the Ohio Department of Commerce says it has fixed the issue and that there’s no evidence that the flaw was exploited.

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Rejected applicants to run large- and small-scale indoor cannabis grow operations have protested the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program’s licensing process ever since provisional licenses were awarded. So far, 63 companies have filed administrative appeals and one has sued.

Yost entered the fray in December, calling for a review of the process after learning of a past felony drug conviction for one of the consultants hired to score applications. The department defended its procedures and checks and balances, but started an internal review.

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Source: Cannabis Business Times