Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies: This Chill Hybrid Will Knock Out Pain

mint hero Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies: This Chill Hybrid Will Knock Out Pain

Searching for the ultimate chill hybrid experience? Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies is potent, but produces easygoing and laid back effects overall. Thin Mint provides a refreshing, sweet herbal flavor that makes for some stimulating aromatherapy. Often one of the strongest strains on the shelf, Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies is a popular choice for daytime pain management.

Strain details

Thin Mint Girl 1 Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies: This Chill Hybrid Will Knock Out Pain
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Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies is a phenotype of the more famous strain, Girl Scout Cookies. Thin Mint is a cross between Durban Poison and OG Kush, making it an almost perfectly balanced hybrid.

However, the effects of this strain lean a little to the drowsy side, which is something to consider before picking up some of this relaxing herb.

In terms of potency, at least for a moment, the average hybrid doesn’t get much stronger than Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. This strain often tests around 24% THC, which means that this bud is powerful enough to give you a substantial mind-altering experience.

As the name suggests, many often find that this strain has a strong mint or herbal aroma. However, there’s plenty of sweetness in the mix as well. The result is a sort of sweet ‘n spicy effect that can make the sinuses tingle.

While Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies isn’t as popular as the original, this strain has gone on to parent strains like Gelato, which is another rising-star hybrid.

The Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies experience

Thin Mint Girl 2 Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies: This Chill Hybrid Will Knock Out Pain
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Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies is a strain beloved by medical and recreational cannabis consumers alike. Potent and euphoric, this strain can make you feel like you’ve just inhaled a breath full of bliss.

This strain can produce some heaviness, it’s not one of those peppy sativa hybrids that will have you buzzing around the house.

Overall, Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies is very pleasant and mellow. However, this strain can produce a very strong effect for inexperienced consumers or those with a low tolerance for THC. In higher doses, this strain will likely make you a bit tired and may cause some couch lock.

The effects of this strain are considered long-lasting, making it great for those who want some calm relief during the day. While this strain is not particularly energizing, many find that they can still focus the task at hand.

Though there is now doubt that Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies can pack a punch, it’s not likely to overwhelm those who have some cannabis experience.

Interestingly, for such a potent strain, Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies tends to be fairly mild when it comes to side effects. This strain most often causes dry eye and dry mouth, but it is not associated with the same level of anxiety and paranoia that often come with the cannabis experience. Though, individuals sensitive to THC may have difficulty with this strain.

Why do people use Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies?

Thin Mint Girl 3 Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies: This Chill Hybrid Will Knock Out Pain
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Recreationally, this strain would be great before going out to a movie, meeting up for a meal, or simply enjoying a nice long walk. Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies provides just the right combination of sedation and mental uplift to transform just about any mundane activity into something pleasant and joyful. Share this strain with friends for an easygoing time.

Medical cannabis patients often pick up Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies for strong daytime pain relief. Heavy Kush strains are often recommended to patients with chronic pain.

However, Kushes can become quite heavy and sedative. Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies provides a decent Kush effect without it being so overpowering.

Many patients often pick up Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies for chronic stress management, depression, and insomnia as well. While this strain isn’t as sedative as others, it certainly won’t make it difficult to fall asleep.

However, those hoping to avoid fatigue or drowsiness should opt for a perkier strain, like Jack Herer.

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7 Signs You Just Got Ripped Off By A Dealer

7 Signs You hero 7 Signs You Just Got Ripped Off By A Dealer

Drug dealers have thrived in the black market since the beginning of time. They bridge the gap between tax paying citizens and the illicit substances that they crave. Unfortunately, drug dealers, by definition, are criminals. Some of them have an inherent ability to make a buck beyond the bounds of the law – and often at your expense. If you frequently visit black markets, you should know these seven signs that a dealer is trying to rip you off.

1. You got nothing

7 Signs You 1 7 Signs You Just Got Ripped Off By A Dealer
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This might seem like an obvious one, but it is one of the oldest tricks in the book. If a dealer asks you to give him the money, and he’ll be right back- turn and walk away. This is a popular method of drug dealers in tourist spots. They see an easy target, show them a sample, grab the money – and then never return.

You will probably stand around waiting for 30 minutes before you realize you got duped. Don’t worry; you are entertaining the drug dealer’s friends who are surely watching with joy.

2. Bait and Switch

7 Signs You 2 7 Signs You Just Got Ripped Off By A Dealer
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Drug dealers who are looking for a quick buck will often use the bait and switch method. Imagine that you are desperate for your next weed score – your desperation is likely palpable. Sensing your willingness to part ways with hard earned cash, the drug dealer descends upon your vulnerability.

He shows you a bag and tells you a price. Before you have time to conjure a rational thought, you give him the cash and retrieve the bag. Open it up – you’ll likely find a bag of sticks and stems. He got ya!

3. Too many hands on deck

7 Signs You 3 7 Signs You Just Got Ripped Off By A Dealer
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If you are in the market for a large quantity of weed, you should already have a heightened demand for security. If your dealer insists on meeting on his “turf”, you should be a bit alarmed.

If you arrive at the meetup and the dealer has friends with him, you should leave. Chances are, he brought his homies along to intimidate you and perhaps lighten the load in your pockets. Building trust in these situations is key to long-term success.

4. The best stuff ever

7 Signs You 4 7 Signs You Just Got Ripped Off By A Dealer
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If you are visiting a new dealer, it might be because you heard he has the best stuff ever. Remember this – if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Drug dealers don’t think long term, they are generally living day to day and want to make a quick buck.

If you are a new customer, chances are the dealer will try to take advantage of you. Be weary of the product and stand your ground. Drug dealer mentality dictates that he will respect you more for taking a stand than if you lay down and pay.

5. That dealer with a bad reputation

7 Signs You 5 7 Signs You Just Got Ripped Off By A Dealer
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We’ve all been there – out of weed and willing to climb Everest just to get some. In these moments there is always one dealer in the Rolodex that will serve you, but his reputation for honesty is lacking.

Listen, in this case, you should trust your gut and forego the questionable high. Saving your money for the right purchase is always going to be the smart choice.

6. I’ll get it to you later

7 Signs You 6 7 Signs You Just Got Ripped Off By A Dealer
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This is different from the “you got nothing” play. Sometimes your dealer will claim to be short on supply. He will say, “Hey man give me the money for the entire thing, and I will bring you the rest when I have it.”

This is kind of reverse engineering the “front” – usually the purchaser is short on cash. Chances are, you’ll never see what you are owed. Only pay for what you are getting.

7. You usually get ripped off

7 Signs You 7 7 Signs You Just Got Ripped Off By A Dealer
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Don’t be hasty in placing all the blame on drug dealers – they are sharks by nature. If you find yourself getting ripped off frequently, then maybe you should stop visiting drug dealers until you can get your situation handled.

If you are an easy mark, you are going to get played. So be aware of yourself when entering these often-sketchy situations.

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Detox: 6 Quickest Ways To THC Out Of Your System

6 Quickest Ways hero Detox: 6 Quickest Ways To THC Out Of Your System

Hoping to detox from cannabis? Whether you’re looking to clean yourself up or want to pass a drug test, there are a few tricks that may speed up the process. Yet, it’s important to note that none of these methods are an exact science. Cannabis can be detected in your system longer than most other substances, which makes detoxing particularly challenging. However, if you’re in a hurry, here are the 6 quickest ways to get THC out of your system.

What’s the fastest way to get THC out of your system?

6 Quickest Ways 1 Detox: 6 Quickest Ways To THC Out Of Your System
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Unfortunately, there is no surefire way to detox cannabis from your system in a hurry. The best way to get THC, the primary psychoactive in cannabis, out of your system is to simply abstain and wait.

Heavy consumers likely face a substantial risk of not passing some types of tests without at least a week, if not more. THC is stored in your fat, which means that it takes some time to purge the cannabinoid from your system.

As you burn fat, there is evidence that THC is re-released back into the bloodstream. Depending on how much cannabis you consume and how often, you can test positive for THC and THC metabolites several days after consuming.

For chronic consumers, metabolites of the herb have been detected in urine for up to 77 days after last consumption. Though, taking over two months is not common.

On average, here’s how long you’ll have to abstain from cannabis to pass the standard drug test:

  • Urine: 3 to 77 days (10 to 30 days for regular consumers)
  • Blood: 1 to 7 days
  • Hair: 90 days
  • Saliva: 1 to 7 days

There are a few factors that influence the amount of time it takes to detox. These include:

  • Your individual metabolism
  • Frequency of exercise
  • Body mass index (BMI) (the higher the number, the longer it will take)
  • How often you consume cannabis
  • The potency of the cannabis consumed
  • The amount of cannabis consumed
  • The parameters of the test

Detoxing is serious business. Everyone’s body responds differently to the various possible detoxing methods. It’s important to pay attention to how your body responds to your efforts and use natural materials that you know are safe. Always consult a medical professional if you run into any complications, or are considering trying a vigorous detox regimen.

For those looking to detox in a hurry, here are six of the fastest ways to get THC out of your system:

1. Fruit Pectin

6 Quickest Ways 2 Detox: 6 Quickest Ways To THC Out Of Your System
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The fruit pectin method is a simple DIY detox often used by those facing blood, urine, or saliva tests. Fruit pectin is a type of fiber that provides the gel consistency to jams and jellies. For this method, people mix a packet of fruit pectin with an electrolyte drink the day of a test.

The idea here is that the high-fiber pectin prevents the body from passing into the urine or bloodstream. Rather, the fiber is supposed to force THC out of the body through bowel movements. While people often try fruit pectin to boost their odds before a test, this method will not likely be strong enough for heavy consumers.

To learn more about the fruit pectin method, take a look at the full article here.

2. Detox Drinks

6 Quickest Ways 3 Detox: 6 Quickest Ways To THC Out Of Your System
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Detox drinks are the most popular ways to pass a drug test. Detox drinks are basically just expensive vitamin, mineral, and herb drinks that can help dilute urine and theoretically remove toxins from the body. Basically, like most of the common detox methods, these drinks are fancy diuretics and laxatives.

Some detox drinks may be more effective than others, and everyone’s body will respond differently to the materials. These drinks are often used for several days prior to a drug test, pending package directions. Some popular brands include:

When choosing a detox drink, make sure you review the ingredients for any allergies and choose a product from a reputable source that contains all natural materials.

To learn more about detox drinks, take a look at the full article here.

3. Exercise

6 Quickest Ways 4 Detox: 6 Quickest Ways To THC Out Of Your System
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If you have a week or so before a drug test, some exercise earlier in the week can help your body burn through fat cells that are holding on to THC.

Exercise is perhaps one of the best ways to detox from THC for those hoping to get clean without facing a drug test, as it burns the very cells that contain THC.

Exercise is a little tricky, however. As mentioned above, THC is re-released into the bloodstream as you burn fat. If you have an impending drug test, it is not recommended to exercise 24 hours or so before the test. One small 2013 study found that exercise may increase blood plasma THC concentrations up to 15%.

Whether or not this THC is metabolized and can influence a drug test is unclear. However, for now, it’s better to skip the gym on the day of your test.

4. Sauna

6 Quickest Ways 5 Detox: 6 Quickest Ways To THC Out Of Your System
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This tip is more of a wise tale, but hey, sometimes it helps to explore all of your options. There is no evidence that sweating will efficiently detox you from THC.

However, trace amounts of THC are excreted in sweat. In heavy consumers, cannabis can be detected in a sweat test for up to one week after consumption.

Saunas and sweating considered healthy for detox all around. Early studies have shown that routine sauna use can help eliminate the build up of harmful compounds like uric acid, sodium, and lactic acid.

A 2012 paper found that repeated sauna use was helpful in detoxifying police officers who had been exposed to methamphetamine manufacture. The officers were given nutrition therapy that included B vitamins, exercised, and used the sauna with periodic hydration and electrolyte breaks for up to four hours each day.

Another early paper from 1982 successfully used repeated sauna treatments and B vitamins detox participants exposed to fat-based toxins and xenobiotics.

Yet, there are some major caveats to using a sauna. Saunas may aggravate a heart condition, and it can be difficult for people to develop a tolerance to intense heat. Always stay hydrated and be cautious with the sauna. It would be beneficial to drink an electrolyte drink like coconut water after sitting in the sauna.

5. Dilution

6 Quickest Ways 6 Detox: 6 Quickest Ways To THC Out Of Your System
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Dilution isn’t so much about flushing THC from your system as it is about covering your bases during a urine test. If you find out you’re being urine tested for cannabis, it’s good to start drinking water. Dilution is a simple method people use to pass drug tests, though it can get a bit tricky and unreliable.

Those stuck with a urine test emergency are better off purchasing some sort of synthetic urine and hoping for the best. However, at least one state now have penalties if you are caught using synthetic urine.

To properly dilute, some people drink as much water as is comfortable and try to re-introduce key compounds into their diets to make the urine appear more concentrated. If your sample is too diluted, you will fail the test. These supplements include:

  • Creatine
  • B vitamins

After using the dilution method, collect a mid-stream urine sample. Don’t collect a sample from the beginning or the end of the stream, as both of these likely have higher concentrations of THC metabolites.

6. Healthy diet

6 Quickest Ways 7 Detox: 6 Quickest Ways To THC Out Of Your System
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One way to clear THC from your system? Go for lots of high-fiber leafy greens several days before a drug test. Eating a high-fiber diet is essential for clearing THC out of your system.

Fruits and vegetables are natural sources of fibers like pectin. This natural fiber helps get your digestive tract moving and cleans you out.

Believe it or not, most of the THC and THC metabolites are excreted during bowel movements. If you’re trying to pass a drug test, the more you poop and urinate the better. Within reason, of course. It’s not advisable to use something like a laxative. Rather, a high-fiber diet and possibly a little magnesium should get things moving.

Fruits and vegetables are also nutrient dense foods that contain micronutrients that may aid in the detox process. When picking quality sources of dietary fiber, it’s better to opt for vegetables over something like a breakfast cereal. Some additional helpful supplements to try a few days before a test include:

  • B vitamins (especially niacin)
  • Psyllium husk
  • Activated charcoal (only if the THC is still in your digestive tract)
  • Magnesium

It’s important to note that these supplements do not mask any THC in your system. B vitamins are helpful for the body’s natural detox process and add color to urine.

The rest of these items more or less alter the way you digest THC. For example, eating activated charcoal may be helpful shortly after eating an edible. But, it won’t help you detox from THC that has already been digested and is hanging around in your fat cells. Magnesium and psyllium can help you poop.

Disclaimer: The information in this article is meant for helpful and educational purposes. It should not be used in place of medical advice. Always talk to a medical professional before experimenting with intensive detox practices like the sauna, detox drinks, or vitamin supplements. 

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Why Does The President Of Iceland Want To Ban Pineapple On Pizza?

iceland pizza Why Does The President Of Iceland Want To Ban Pineapple On Pizza?

The president of Iceland thinks the idea of pineapple on pizza is so absurd that he wants to ban pineapple pizza altogether. Don’t worry; this isn’t actually happening. However, the thought of ending one of the longest ongoing arguments of all time would satisfy a lot of folks.

Ban pineapple on pizza?

President Of Iceland hero Why Does The President Of Iceland Want To Ban Pineapple On Pizza?
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When it comes to pizza and toppings, everyone has their favorites. Although some prefer the classic pepperoni and cheese, others like to add fruit, specifically pineapples.

Do pineapples and pizza go together? Some say yes, and some say no. Putting pineapple onto a pizza is perhaps one of the most debated subjects of all time. For this reason, one person wants to end it once and for all by banning pineapple pizza altogether.

In fact, that person just so happens to be the president of Iceland, Guðni Th. Jóhannesson. During his visit to a high school in the town of Akureyri in North Iceland, he unleashed his thoughts on the topic.

In addition to announcing his favorite English Premier League team, Manchester United, the president made it clear that he opposes putting pineapple on pizza.

Pineapple pizza: a serious matter

President Of Iceland 2 Why Does The President Of Iceland Want To Ban Pineapple On Pizza?
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Of course, Twitter is having a great time, check out #pineappleonpizza to see for yourself.

The president may have unwittingly sparked WW3 against Canada, the inventor of the Hawaiian pizza,

Before you freak out, pineapple pizza lovers, this is most definitely not happening. Still, a lot of you can’t deny the amount of joy/heartache that would result.

He has since made the following statement,

I like pineapples, just not on pizza. I do not have the power to make laws that forbid people to put pineapples on pizza. I am glad that I do not hold such power.

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Fact Or Fiction: Does Orange Peel Keep Your Weed Fresh?

Does An Orange 2 Fact Or Fiction: Does Orange Peel Keep Your Weed Fresh?

There are numerous ways to keep your bud fresh. But have you heard that an orange peel can rejuvenate your ganja? And if so, is it true? As it turns out, it can provide moisture to your dry buds. However, there’s a catch. Although an orange peel can freshen up your weed, it can also invite an unfriendly guest.

Orange peel and pot

Of course, preserving your cannabis is important, no one wants to smoke bad weed. Trying out new ways to avoid that disappointment is great, but is the orange peel an effective one?

The truth is that an orange does indeed contain moistening properties. Therefore, it can provide moisture to dried out weed. You can also use watermelon peels, iceberg lettuce, apple peels and other fruits and vegetables with a moisturized skin.

Place your weed in a ziplock baggy. Add the peel to it for 3-4 hours to re-humidity your weed. Make sure you put your weed back in a properly sealed container afterward.

Mold isn’t a myth

Moldy Weed 4 Fact Or Fiction: Does Orange Peel Keep Your Weed Fresh?
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However, there’s something else that orange peel can contain: mold. As you probably already know, consuming moldy weed is a big fat no. You NEVER want to resort to that.

As a result of introducing an orange peel to your weed, especially for extended periods of time, you are increasing the risk of unintentionally inviting these unfriendly guests to join the party.

Obviously, mold is harmful to your health and your ganja. Not only can it make you sick, but it will also ruin your bud.

Even if the orange itself is free of mold, it can still attract it. Oranges excrete oil, which may draw bacteria and thus promote the growth of mold.

In conclusion, yes, an orange peel can keep your weed fresh by providing moisture. However, some risks come along with it.

If you want to find out more about mold and weed, check out these articles:

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Will Whole Plant Medicine Become Legalized In Texas?

Whole Plant Medicine hero Will Whole Plant Medicine Become Legalized In Texas?

A number of cannabis-related bills were filed in the Texas House of Representatives on Monday, including one that would broaden the state’s current cannabis program to include substances beyond simple CBD oil, including whole plant medicine.

HB 2107

Whole Plant Medicine 1 Will Whole Plant Medicine Become Legalized In Texas?
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House Bill 2107 – filed by Rep. Eddie Lucio III (D-Brownsville) – would establish a program in which the entire medical cannabis plant could be used in the treatment of certain medical conditions.

Qualifying conditions for whole plant medicine would include cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, PTSD, Parkinson’s disease, and Huntington’s disease, among numerous others.

The bill is identical to Senate Bill 269, filed by state Senator Jose Menendez (D-San Antonio), in that it would replace Texas’s currently-used Compassionate Use Program, which only allows for the use of CBD oil in treating medical patients.

Sen. Menendez, in introducing his bill in December, stated that the decision of whether to prescribe cannabis should be left to physicians and patients, not those in the state government,

Doctors, not politicians, should be determining what is best for Texas patients… This is a legitimate medicine that can help a variety of people, from the grandmother suffering from cancer to the veteran coping with PTSD after returning home from war.

Both bills must first be passed by their respective houses before making it to the desk of Gov. Greg Abbott for his signature.

Other bills filed

Whole Plant Medicine 2 Will Whole Plant Medicine Become Legalized In Texas?
Photo credit

HB 2107 is but one of the cannabis-related bills to be put before the House today, with the others handling various aspects of cannabis policy.

  • House Bill 436 would require those who have applied for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) benefits to submit to screening for prior cannabis use.
  • House Bill 542 requires those who have applied for benefits under the state’s medical assistance program to also submit to testing for prior cannabis use.
  • House Bill 58 would establish a “specialty court” devoted to low-level cannabis-related offenses by nonviolent offenders. According to the bill, such offenses should not often be met with “more formal and costly” interventions by the system. The bill, as it states, is meant to,

conserve law enforcement, prosecution, court, jail, and corrections resources that would otherwise be expended in the arrest, prosecution, and confinement or community supervision of the defendant.

Texas law and whole plant medicine

Whole Plant Medicine 3 Will Whole Plant Medicine Become Legalized In Texas?
Photo credit

State law in Texas regarding the use of cannabis is among the more stringent in the nation.

Currently, those found to be in possession of up to two ounces of the substance may receive a fine of up to $2,000 or up to six months in jail.

The state’s cannabis laws have been challenged in recent months. Most recently, the state saw the filing of House Bill 81, which removes the possibility of arrest, jail time, or a criminal record for those found to be in possession of one ounce or less of the substance.

The bill has received the support of various law enforcement officials, as well as prominent members of the Texas judiciary.

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11 Things Only People Who Smoke Weed Will Understand

smokeweed 11 Things Only People Who Smoke Weed Will Understand

There are things that cannabis enthusiasts say and do that are unrelatable unless you smoke. From trying to hide your high from your parents to seeing someone with food, you just cannot understand these moments unless you consume the herb. However, you can at least imagine them. Or, if you already smoke weed, then can laugh as you remember the time that each experience happened to you. Here are 11 things that only people who smoke weed will understand.

1. The joy of purchasing a ton of pot


Indeed, a feeling that only cannabis enthusiasts know. No one likes being dankrupt, so it’s always a fantastic moment when you get more.

2. Trying to hide your high from your parents


If you live with your parents, then this may happen rather frequently. But for the most part, they always find out. Hopefully, they secretly enjoy the herb just as much as you do.

3. Being scared for your life while your friend drives stoned


Some people are excellent drivers when they’re high. On the other hand, some cannot drive for sh*t to begin with, sober or not.

4. That moment of panic when the cops show up, and you’re baked


Of course, this is an experience no one ever wants to live through. Still, it happens to the best of us. Just act normal and stay calm.

5. Carrying on a conversation when you’re too high


The conversations are rather strange, depending on how much you smoke. However, the topics are never dull. In fact, they can be intriguing, to say the least.

6. When the weed hits you too hard


Before you know it, you’re high as hell. So high that you’re stuck, wondering what to do next.

7. The level of excitement when the pizza man arrives

via GIPHY Everyone loves pizza. And as soon as the pizza man comes, you lose it every single time.

8. The level of pain that comes with losing your stash


It’s one thing to be dankrupt. But it’s another to have weed and lose it, especially if you just bought some.

9. Acting normal in public isn’t always easy


If all else fails, just dance. Either people will leave you alone, or they’ll join in on the fun.

10. That one friend that swears they can roll a joint, but they really suck at it


As many times as you’ve called them out on it, they still think they can roll a proper joint. But you let them do it anyway. As a result, you’re left with a terrible finished product, again.

11. When you’re loading up your bong and here comes mom and dad


What do you do? Hide the bong? Run around in circles? Or, a little of both? More than likely, you won’t have time to do much of anything at all.

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Will Cannabis Give You A Hangover?

Will Cannabis Give hero Will Cannabis Give You A Hangover?

Will cannabis give you a hangover? Thankfully, the herb is not like alcohol. Even after a hard night of vaporizing, you’re unlikely to find yourself with a splitting headache, upset stomach, and aching body as a result of inhaling. However, cannabis does have it’s own “hangover” effect, albeit a mild one. Here’s some information about when to expect a cannabis hangover and what to do if you already have one.

Will cannabis give you a hangover?

Will Cannabis Give 1 Will Cannabis Give You A Hangover?
Photo credit

A cannabis hangover often happens after particularly large doses of cannabis. Take too many bong rips last night? Don’t be surprised if you find yourself a little groggy.

The acute effects of cannabis only last a few hours, but residual effects can linger for a while after consuming, especially if you’ve consumed a large amount of cannabis edibles.

Some of the signs of a cannabis hangover include:

  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Lethargy
  • Grogginess
  • Dry eyes
  • Lack of appetite
  • Mild nausea
  • Coughing or congestion

After inhaling the herb, you can expect to experience a “high” for three to four hours, with a peak during the first hour or so. After eating an edible, the effects can take up to two hours to kick in and can last up to six hours.

What causes cannabis hangovers?

Will Cannabis Give 2 Will Cannabis Give You A Hangover?
Photo credit

The plant’s main psychoactive component, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), has a long half-life. That means that you can still experience some of the effects of THC after the primary psychoactive high has subsided.

The cannabinoid hides out in fat for a substantial amount of time. As you burn fat, some THC is re-released into your system. After consuming an excessive amount of THC, you can count on the cannabinoid hanging around for a while.  For this reason, it takes quite a long time to fully clear THC from your system.

Cannabis hangovers are also more likely after eating edible cannabis. After an edible, the liver metabolizes THC into a more potent compound. This compound is called THC-COOH, and it can readily move from the blood into the brain.

Edibles produce a far stronger high than inhaled cannabis, which is one reason it is so easy to become a little too loopy after over indulging in some cannabis-infused treats.

Edible cannabis is also more likely to cause a longer hangover. Edibles take a significant amount of time to work through the digestive tract.

If you’ve eaten too many, the body can take up to a day to fully digest the food. This means that your digestive tract can keep metabolizing THC for up to a day or so after consuming an edible.

While the experience will be more potent at first, it’s not uncommon to feel a lingering, low-grade high for up to 48 hours after going hog-wild with some infused goodies.

Some experts suggest that teens may experience more of this hangover effect than adults. According to neuroscientist Dr. Frances Jensen, author of The Teenage Brain,

Not only does the teen brain have more places for the cannabis to land, if you will, it actually stays there longer. It locks on longer than in the adult brain.

[…] For instance, if they were to get high over a weekend, the effects may be still there on Thursday and Friday later that week. An adult wouldn’t have that same long-term effect.

In this case, she is not suggesting that the cannabis high lasts nearly a week in teens. Rather, one of the concerns is that teens are more likely to experience more subtle symptoms like grogginess, trouble with memory, brain fog, fatigue, and lack of focus for up to a few days after a weekend smoke out.

How do I fix a cannabis hangover?

Will Cannabis Give 3 Will Cannabis Give You A Hangover?
Photo credit

The first step to fixing a cannabis hangover is knowing how to prevent one. To prevent a hangover,

  • Don’t over-indulge, stick to a reasonable dose
  • Eat a balanced diet with plenty of healthy fats, fruits, and vegetables
  • Avoid excess sugar, caffeine, and alcohol
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Have some high-CBD cannabis on hand

If find yourself in the middle of a cannabis hangover, there are a few ways to burst through the brain fog and get your energy back. To fix a cannabis hangover,

  • Get some moderate physical exercise
  • Eat a healthy meal, including something with fish and plenty of fruits and veggies
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Take a B vitamin supplement
  • Take a hot shower
  • Relax and get some sleep
  • Try a small dose of high-CBD cannabis

Want to learn more information about the effects of cannabis? Check out the article here.

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Did NASA Just Discover Other Life In The Universe?

t1 Did NASA Just Discover Other Life In The Universe?

Cannabis lovers over the decades have grown up looking at the sky with wonder. In the 70s, rockstar scientist Carl Sagan wooed nerdy teens with his peaceful meditations on the universe and gentle cannabis activism. Now, herb enthusiasts everywhere have something new to ponder. For real, NASA has just discovered a new solar system that could theoretically support life.

NASA discovered new system

Sorry to say, no aliens have been found yet. Though, there are several good reasons to be curious about this new finding. As reported by The Independent, this solar system is the “most incredible to date.”

The solar system currently bears the unfortunate name of TRAPPIST-1, and it consists of several earth-sized planets. Three or more of the planets in the solar system are suspected to have water, which is a vital essential for life as we know it. These planets also all orbit a red dwarf star, which is similar to our sun here on earth.

The six planets closest to the sun are thought have a rocky terrain similar to that of our own planet. They’re also expected to be in the ideal temperature range to support life.

While these points are just educated guesses thus far, scientists hope that that the European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope project will be able to confirm or deny the presence of water in the future. Should some of these plants have water, it would be the biggest space discovery in human history.

TRAPPIST-1 is beautiful

t2 Did NASA Just Discover Other Life In The Universe?
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The solar system is a close 39 lightyears from earth. The first planets were discovered early in 2016, and astronomers have since zeroed in on the potentially revolutionary finding.

Apparently, living on TRAPPIST-1 would be a visual dessert. Participating scientist Dr. Amaury Triaud told the press that,

The spectacle would be beautiful. Every now and then you’d see another planet, about as big as another moon in the sky. -Amaury Triaud

Next, astronomers hope to use telescopes and other technologies both on land and in space to study the atmospheres of the planets in TRAPPIST-1.

Life support

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Should they find evidence of certain compounds, there is a very good chance that some form of alien life may exist in this particular system. Though, it’s probably best not to get too excited for the time being.

If humans lived on TRAPPIST-1, researchers think that the world would look a lot darker than our current one. Living there would be like living in with constant sunset. The red dwarf star that acts as the system’s sun is about the size of Jupiter, meaning it gives off less light.

Planets also orbit much more closely to this particular star, meaning that the sun would look a lot bigger. Dr. Tiraud suggests that should life exist in this solar system, it would probably see a lot differently than we humans do.

Six spacey strains to help you contemplate

Space Queen Did NASA Just Discover Other Life In The Universe?
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What better way to celebrate NASA’s discovery than with some really good cannabis? Here are a few space-themed strains worthy of the day:

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Marijuana Delivery Could Be up Next in Colorado

A bill introduced in the Colorado Senate last week would allow you to get weed delivered to your house. If the measure passes, dispensaries could apply for a delivery endorsement, then have an employee or approved contractor drive recreational or medical cannabis or cannabis products right to your door.

The daily purchase limits would still apply, so a single household could not receive more than one ounce of recreational flower or two ounces of medical a day. There would also be limits on residences where deliveries are allowed: Residential homes would be okay, but delivery would not be available for public spaces, dormitories, hotels or commercial businesses.

If Senate Bill 192 passes, local jurisdictions could not prohibit dispensaries from partaking in the delivery service. But dispensaries would have to meet training procedures for such service. The state’s Cannabis Tracking System would also require dispensaries to closely document their routes, keep manifests, and inventory the products and retail amounts. Drivers would also have to log the number of locations on each drive and track the route between destinations. Product would be kept in a lock box inside the vehicle.

And not only would the customer making the order have to be 21 or older, but he or she would have to sign for it and could not be visibly intoxicated when it is delivered. [Read more at Westword]

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