Haze: An Old School Sativa For Adventure Inspiration

Haze hero Haze: An Old School Sativa For Adventure Inspiration

Haze is an old school sativa that has been winning over hearts and minds since the hippie era. This European favorite is the proud parent of many popular hybrids on coffee shop and dispensary menus alike. Quick-acting and spirited, Haze provides a strong cerebral high that inspires creativity and transforms mundane afternoons into magnificent adventures.

Strain details

Haze An Old 1 Haze: An Old School Sativa For Adventure Inspiration
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Haze hybrids build the backbone of many European sativa hybrids. The original Haze debuted in the Netherlands in the 1960s.

A mix of Colombian, Mexican, Thai, and South Asian landrace strains, Haze has passed its genetics to many successful offspring, including Amnesia Haze and Silver Haze.

Back in the day, Haze was one of the most potent strains available. Now, with modern growing technologies, some Haze buds have tested as high as 27% THC.

In contemporary US dispensaries, the average Haze produces around 20% of the psychoactive.

The diverse tropical lineage of this strain provides an intensely spicy, musky and slightly sweet flavor and aroma. Like many of the near pure sativa strains, Haze can be difficult to grow and has a late flowering time.

Yet, this sativa is still used by breeders today to add a hazy sativa effect to new strains.

The Haze experience

Haze An Old 2 Haze: An Old School Sativa For Adventure Inspiration
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This strain gives “flower power” a new meaning. Intensely psychoactive, Haze delivers potent and highly stimulating cerebral effects.

The buds are bundles of energy, sending consumers off into space with its mind-altering powers. Many report that this strain boosts creative thought, helping to connect new and abstract ideas.

While Haze is cerebral and energetic, this strain comes with a bit of euphoric fogginess. True to the name, consumers often feel “hazy”, slightly too cloudy to sustain detailed attention and concentration.

Those hoping for a strain that is great for morning medication or those that want something to improve attention are better off with a sativa like Jack Herer.

Though Haze can seem as buzzy as a shot of espresso, this flower is uplifting and relaxing overall. The larger the dose, the more the cognitive effects will present themselves.

Yet, in low to moderate doses, this strain can be quite mellow and often inspires a much-needed bout of silliness.

Why do people use Haze?

Haze An Old 3 Haze: An Old School Sativa For Adventure Inspiration
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Finding a plain, simple, and true Haze can be difficult these days. This is especially true for anyone outside of Amsterdam. Yet, Haze continues to be a popular strain among breeders. It adds a strong and mentally-engaging sativa high to strain mixes.

Recreationally, Haze is a strain for a night out. The experience is alert and elevated, a great help to anyone who likes to hit the late-night dance floor.

In low to moderate doses, it’s also a nice companion for household chores and simple projects. Though, many find themselves drawn away from their activities and in the middle of a fascinating discussion instead.

Medical consumers often pick up Haze for mental heath conditions and chronic fatigue. A few tastes of Haze provides enough energy to almost replace a morning cup of coffee.

Those bogged down and feeling slow from depression may also appreciate the mental burst this strain provides.

All in all, Haze is a funky and potent European sativa. A long-time favorite, many popular sativas have Haze roots.

When in the need for mental speed, this potent flower will surely deliver. Uplifting, intense, and creative, Haze is a daytime strain that is great for sharing.

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Trade Show Hysteria in Las Vegas: The Highs & Lows

As my plane approached Las Vegas last week, the anticipation of attending the third Marijuana Business Conference & Expo (MJ Biz) at the RIO between November 15-18 energized me, and boy did I need it! I hadn’t slept for a week with a bout of back pain and sciatica that made it impossible to rest.

The MJ Biz conference was the only one I decided to attend in-person this year based on the size, scope and quality of attendees over the previous two years since I felt CBE was able to accomplish a lot since the event moved to the RIO in 2014. In addition to excitement, there was a bit of anxiety as well, the election of Donald Trump and his potential picks for key administration positions dampening the enthusiasm generated from the passing of 8 of 9 pro-cannabis ballot initiatives in the 2016 state elections.

MJ Biz 2016 in Review

For those of you who didn’t attend, the first sign that something was different at this year’s conference were the long lines that I ran into when attempting to pick up my press credentials to cover the event. The signs in the corridor leading to the venue areas touted the projected attendance of 7,500+ industry participants or interested partners. By the 17th, someone had actually drew a line through that number and replaced it with 10,000 plus! My first impression as a publisher was definitely one of sugar plums dancing in my head (mucho dollars being generated by the event!!!), but it was overshadowed by the chaos and overcrowding that all experienced on the first day that the exhibit hall was open.

With all of this in mind, and first impressions are generally correct, it took me almost 45 minutes to get my credentials before finally making my way into the massive presentation hall that was about 2/3 full for Chris Walsh’s keynote on Industry Analysis & Forecast and Juliet Funt’s Whitespace at Work keynote address before making my way into the exhibit hall(s). Before I did, I went back to the registration area to find utter and total chaos, the lines to receive conference credentials were backed up and I learned from others that they waited more than an hour to be processed. The lines ran all the way back to the RIO Hotel and Casino area.

With the over abundance of B2B and B2C industry events scheduled, MJ Biz’s President & Publisher, George Jage confidently claimed in his trade show program “From the Publisher” Column that this was the only must-attend event and that this was it. Based on the attendee traffic alone, I would say he was probably right and CBE definitely was envious of the profit windfall!

That said, the short falls were obvious. Inside the exhibit hall, it was a mad scrum to negotiate the aisles and to attempt a conversation. The reconfigured main exhibit hall was packed with booths and literally a standing room only crowd on day 1; day 2 floor traffic wasn’t as bad but was still heavy, which pleased most of the exhibitors—not only because of the volume, but also by the quality of the booth visitors.

One of the things I liked most about the first two events at the RIO was the flow through the exhibit hall as well as the meals being served in the hall with adequate seating to accommodate diners and off-the-floor meetings. The exhibit hall this year really was like a sardine can spread over two locations and didn’t provide the kind of intimate conversation areas of years past. The food service supplied was housed in a cafeteria-like assembly line connected to outdoor seating, which was inadequate to accommodate the crowd that descended on MJ Biz 2016. The weather compounded the shortage of space when a front moved through Vegas on the 17th, making it unseasonably chilly for the only meal seating area to be functional.

This year’s event obviously outgrew the venue. It was announced that next year’s annual event in Vegas would take place at the holy grail of conference centers—the Las Vegas Convention Center—which annually houses the largest trade shows in the world.

Despite the lines, over crowding and the disjointed meals program, exhibitors seemed pleased with the potential ROI from the quality and volume of the attendees.

On the content front, the trade show felt stale, and interviews with several senior level attendees confirmed our thoughts. The presentations seemed like do-overs and were geared toward a broad audience versus thought and industry leaders. The disconnect between the size and quality of the attendees was explained by many, the show garnered such a following that the number of offsite meetings and complimentary events was more than valuable to the decision-making crowd.

So I would give this year’s event a B+ because there truly was an abundance of cannabis industry licensee, ancillary business leaders and serious investors present which made the ROI, as I mentioned earlier (at least on the front end), terrific. Buyers and sellers will compete to close opportunities now that the smoke has cleared and relationships were made.

Regardless of logistical and venue short comings this year, next year’s event should be better organized and run. CBE will again be there to give you our take. It’s arguable whether this is the only must-attend show in the industry, but it is certainly the largest and most profitable! Time will tell if the pursuit of profits will turn off the A-team players in future years.


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2016 Cannabist Awards: The Big Winners & Industry Innovators

2016 Cannabist Awards hero 2016 Cannabist Awards: The Big Winners & Industry Innovators

On Wednesday night at the Chateau Nightclub at Paris Las Vegas, the 2016 Cannabist Awards took place. These awards strive to recognize the leaders in a multitude of subcategories in the American cannabis industry. From hemp products all the way to hydroponic lighting brands, the number of companies that can excel in this market is truly eye-opening.


2016 Cannabist Awards 1 2016 Cannabist Awards: The Big Winners & Industry Innovators
Photo credit

Hemp Based CBD: Bluebird Botanicals

Hemp Products: Dr. Bronner’s

Hemp Lifestyle: Hemp History Week


2016 Cannabist Awards 2 2016 Cannabist Awards: The Big Winners & Industry Innovators
Photo credit

Events Business: NCIA Cannabis Business Summit

Events Consumer: The 420 Games

Events  Medical: United Patients Group

Medical Advancements

2016 Cannabist Awards 3 2016 Cannabist Awards: The Big Winners & Industry Innovators
Photo credit

Medical Advancements Research Breakthrough: Ashley C. Bradford & W. David Bradford

Medical Advancements Researcher: Lester Grinspoon

Medical Advancements Products: Mary’s Medicinals

Medical Advancement Pets: Treatibles


2016 Cannabist Awards 4 2016 Cannabist Awards: The Big Winners & Industry Innovators
Photo credit

Sustainability Recycling: Sun Grown Packaging

Sustainability Responsible Pest Management: OG Analytical

Sustainability Packaging: Restalk


2016 Cannabist Awards 5 2016 Cannabist Awards: The Big Winners & Industry Innovators
Photo credit

420-Friendly Security: Blue Line Protection Group

420-Friendly  Legal: Vicente Sederberg LLC

420-Friendly Finance/Tax: New Era CPAs, LLP

420-Friendly Lawmaker: U.S. Rep. Earl Blumenauer, D-Ore.


2016 Cannabist Awards 6 2016 Cannabist Awards: The Big Winners & Industry Innovators
Photo credit

Education Industry: The Trichome Institute

Education Public: Christopher Ingraham, The Washington Post

Education Consumption: Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, Good to Know campaign

Education Academic: Oaksterdam University

Education Author: Dr. David Casarett, “Stoned: A Doctor’s Case for Medicinal Marijuana”


2016 Cannabist Awards 7 2016 Cannabist Awards: The Big Winners & Industry Innovators
Photo credit

Marketing Corporate Culture: O.penVape

Marketing Agencies: The Rosen Group PR

Marketing Customer Experience: The Novel Tree

Marketing Retail Branding: Harborside Health Center

Marketing Retail Packaging: Stillwater


2016 Cannabist Awards 8 2016 Cannabist Awards: The Big Winners & Industry Innovators
Photo credit

Community Philanthropy: Bloom Farms

Community Volunteerism: Bloom Farms

Community Innovation: Denver Relief Consulting

Community Activism: Marijuana Policy Project

Community Protection: ACLU


2016 Cannabist Awards 9 2016 Cannabist Awards: The Big Winners & Industry Innovators
Photo credit

Technology // Extraction: Evolab

Technology // Start-up: Grownetics

Technology // Incubator: Canopy Boulder

Technology // Vaporizer: Pax Era

Technology // App: Leafly

Technology // Lighting: Heliospectra LED

Technology // Irrigation: SmartBee Controllers

Technology // Nutrients: General Organics

The Cannabist Person of the Year

2016 Cannabist Awards 10 2016 Cannabist Awards: The Big Winners & Industry Innovators
Photo credit

Gavin Newsom, Lieutenant Governor of California

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NYSE Becomes First Major Exchange To List Cannabis Company With Acceptance Of REIT IPO


The race to be the first cannabis company to list on one of the major stock exchanges is over.

The New York Stock Exchange has approved the initial public offering of Innovative Industrial Properties, a real estate investment trust that plans to invest in medical marijuana properties. Since marijuana is still federally illegal, the New York Stock Exchange could be breaking its own requirement not to list companies that aren’t in compliance with the law.

This is why most marijuana companies are publicly traded at the Over-The-Counter market, where there is little concern over a company’s business as long as it files the proper paperwork. That’s not the case at the Nasdaq or the New York Stock Exchange, both of which conduct strenuous reviews of potential clients. 

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Becoming the Cheers of Cannabis

In the last article, we talked about the shift to a relationship (or membership) economy and how your customers want to go where everyone knows their name.

Just a little refresher…

…The relationship economy changes the focus from anonymous transactions to known relationships and gives us the opportunity to enable connection and community under the umbrella of our beautiful and amazing brands.

So building on that premise, let’s dive back in.

Here are some action steps you can take to become the Cheers of cannabis.

Think bigger than your products and services. Focus on what you DO, not just what you sell.

Dispensary Owners:

Instead of simply selling cannabis products, you provide medicine to sick people and joy to those who want to use cannabis to recreate.

Grow Store Owners:

Instead of selling lights, soil and fertilizers, you provide solutions to help growers maximize their yields and get the most ROI from their space.


Instead of simply providing legal advice, you actually provide peace of mind and comfort in a rapidly changing and increasingly stressful landscape.

Once you move the focus away from your products and services, you will be able to focus on the big picture of your customer. Ask yourself: “What are my prospects and customers trying to ACHIEVE by using my product or service and how can I best help them achieve their goals?” 

Tapping into this mindset will give you the ability to recognize the specific things that your customers (aka members) really value. This in turn will help you create rewards, loyalty programs and perks to keep your tribe engaged.

Allow your front line staff (budtenders, sales people, paralegals etc.) the ability to hook up your loyal customers.

A great example of front line staff hooking up the regulars can be found at most of the big casinos. Places like Caesars Palace in Las Vegas allow employees the ability to comp regular guests or “excite and delight guests” who may be celebrating milestones such as birthdays or anniversaries with free dinners, shows or upgrades to nicer rooms.

If you allow your front line staff the ability to go above and beyond for those who are most loyal or those celebrating a special event or even those having a bad day, your customers are very likely to remember that hook up, tell their friends and join your tribe. 

Incentivize your most loyal customers to help you grow your tribe.

This is where referral programs can really work. Offer customers who naturally advocate for your business a reward for their referrals and efforts. If you’re paying attention, you should know who these people are. They are often the people who spend their own time recruiting friends and family to join your tribe; they are the ones who attend all of your events and like all of your social posts. However, it’s easy to overlook their efforts and forget to reward them. Offer them discounts for everyone they refer to your business; a friends and family discount or a special invitation to a VIP event in exchange for their loyalty and service.

Remember the goal here is to enable community and connection. You do this by recognizing and rewarding your most loyal customers, and cultivating the “Cheers vibe”.

Side note…

…in 2016 and soon-to-be 2017,  hand-written thank you notes go a long, long way.  Just saying!




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Finding Your Ideal Medical Cannabis Consumer: What You Need to Know

There are some who don’t understand why anyone would need to market cannabis. “Doesn’t it sell itself?” they wonder. The short answer to this question is no. And with the recent legalization of recreational cannabis in Nevada, an opportunity for brand leaders (both medical and recreational) to grab a hold of and expand the cannabis market is now present.

Why Should You Market Cannabis?

To answer the above question, all one has to do is look at what happened to the alcohol industry after Prohibition ended. Some of the companies that quickly jumped on the opportunity (like Jim Beam and Yuengling & Son) were able to gain control over their specific market shares and are still holding their own to this day.

The First Rule of Marketing Medical Cannabis

Some brands make the mistakes of creating messages that, while appealing to the management team, don’t speak to their target markets. They forgot that branding isn’t about what they like, it’s about the wants and needs of your consumer base.

It’s essential that you know who you are selling to in order to effectively focus your efforts.

For instance, based on information from New Theory, the consumers of legal cannabis tend to:

  • Range in age from 21-95
  • Spend a little over $30 per trip to a dispensary
  • Spend an average of $645 on cannabis in 2015
  • Have used cannabis before but are looking primarily to relieve pain, not get high.

Taking Things a Step Further

Cannabis stereotypes are deeply rooted. Most believe that cannabis users are young men who are lazy and unproductive. But, based on the stats above, this just isn’t true.

Instead, cannabis consumers aren’t like the customers in other industries. They don’t fit a cookie cutter mold where their buying preferences and habits are easily predicted.

Thus, to find your ideal customer, you must look beyond the statistics. Answering the following questions will help you do just that:

  • What market are you trying to target? Younger, middle-aged, or senior?
  • Are you interested in the female demographic?
  • What’s your brand’s strength? Is it edibles and concentrates? Or are your flowers the best in the county?
  • Based on your strengths, who is your ideal customer?

Furthermore, you must figure out the specific needs of your target market i.e. what they’re using cannabis for and how it fits into their lives.

For instance, most medical cannabis patients use the healthful herb to treat pain, anxiety, or appetite loss. But, there’s more to it than that. To gain a comprehensive perspective of your ideal customer, you must also include certain criteria in your analysis. They include:

  • Personality traits
  • Lifestyle
  • Living situation
  • Age
  • Single/married
  • Shopping patterns
  • Hobbies
  • Residence
  • Favorite social media platforms

If you are not aware of their specific needs, you are doing a disservice to your customers as well as the perception of cannabis. When you figure out how this herb fits into their lives, you can sell them the correct product for their needs.

You see, selling cannabis effectively is more than just a simple transaction. It’s about creating an experience and building trust. In the long run, this will help you increase average order value and create an experience that your customers want.

One Last Thing

Once you’ve gotten the answers to the questions listed above, you must now narrow your ideal target down to a 15-year age bracket.

This may seem like you’re limiting yourself but the opposite is true. Effective marketing for your target group will expand into other demographics as well. Defining a specific age group helps you simplify the process of framing your message, which can help you create your brand and logo assets.

The Bottom Line

Based on the current pace of cannabis legislation, pretty soon customers will be able to find whatever they need right around the corner. The companies that will stick around for the long run are the ones that provide a higher order value. These are the companies that took the time to be intentional about the way they represent themselves in the marketplace and how well they stand out in the customer’s lives and minds. Following the above tips will go a long way towards helping you do just that.



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‘Are you high right now?’ — Christie blasts marijuana tax revenue as ‘blood money’


EWING — Gov. Chris Christie has never been sympathetic to marijuana reform efforts. And he’s not about to start as he heads into the final year of his last term.

Reacting to a caller on New Jersey 101.5’s “Ask The Governor,” Christie said any revenues that would be raised by taxing recreational marijuana would be “blood money.”

“Are you high right now?” an irate Christie asked a caller who had suggested that the revenue could help offset the recent gas tax increase.

“There is nothing we spend in government that is important enough to allow me to willfully poison our children for that money,” Christie said. “That’s blood money.”

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White Widow: The World-Famous, Award-Winning European Hybrid

White Widow hero White Widow: The World Famous, Award Winning European Hybrid

White Widow is one of the most famous and successful hybrids around. Extremely popular in Europe, this plucky flower rocked the cannabis scene when it was first introduced two decades ago. Since it’s debut, few new strains rival its popularity and instant success. Enjoy this crowd-pleasing hybrid on social occasions or during a slow afternoon.

Strain details

White Widow A 1 White Widow: The World Famous, Award Winning European Hybrid
Photo credit

White Widow is a favorite in Amsterdam coffeeshops. Bred in the 1990s, it quickly developed a reputation as a powerful sativa-dominant hybrid.

A delightful combination of Brazillian and South Indian landrace strains, White Widow has won many a Cannabis Cup in its day.

This strain is well-known for its potency. It’s not uncommon for White Widow buds to test up to 25% THC, though the average is about 19%.

Estimates identify this strain as a 60/40 sativa hybrid, meaning that consumers can expect a hefty amount of both mental and physical effects.

The strain aroma is strong and pungent with hints of wood and pine. This flower’s scent is often described as “dank” with plenty of earthy, moist soil tones. Consumers can expect a slight spicy, herbaceous scent from this one.

White Widow is known for producing thick, white, crystal-laden buds. The trichomes on this flower can be so thick that they resemble a glistening white spider web.

The White Widow experience

White Widow A 2 White Widow: The World Famous, Award Winning European Hybrid
Photo credit

White Widow produces a predominantly cerebral high. This means that consumers can expect a lifted mood, decent amounts of mental clarity, feelings of bliss and happiness, and creative inspiration.

One of the nice things about White Widow is that along with this soaring uplift, the strain provides consumers with a complementary physical sedation.

As a result, the experience is both silly and deeply relaxed. This strain is best to use during the afternoon, or as your day is winding down.

You will still have enough mental wherewithal to dive into a good novel or enjoy a lively conversation with friends. Yet, you’re unlikely to focus intently on demanding tasks.

This strain is for relaxing, not getting things done.

In high doses, White Widow can produce spacy, almost psychedelic effects. Cannabis newbies should use caution with this strain. It’s a multi-cup winner for a reason!

The dense layer of trichomes packs a punch. The high is long-lasting, so you can prepare yourself for a significant mind-altering experience from this potent flower.

 Why do people use White Widow?

White Widow A 3 White Widow: The World Famous, Award Winning European Hybrid
Photo credit

White Widow’s hybrid effects make it a go-to medical strain for a wide variety of ailments. Patients report success with this strain for conditions as challenging and as painful as muscle spasms and Crohn’s disease.

Many with mental health conditions such as PTSD, ADD/ADHD, and depression all claim positive improvements.

Recreational consumers also have reason to love this strain. White Widow is sociable and fun, making it an excellent choice to share with friends.

A simple walk down the street can turn into a giggle-filled adventure. An evening out will likely be filled with silliness, lots of eating, and a jolly good time all around.

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7 Crazy Rolling Papers You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

7 Crazy Rolling hero 7 Crazy Rolling Papers Youve Probably Never Heard Of

Ever since the first rolling papers were invented, not too much creativity has been injected into the market. Changing sizes and shapes is great and all, but people love innovation and we think we’ve found some great examples in the rolling paper industry. Whether you find that these are just novelties or you love them, is all up to you. Here are seven rolling papers that showcase originality and creativity.

1. Feel the Bern!

7 Crazy Rolling 1 7 Crazy Rolling Papers Youve Probably Never Heard Of
Photo credit

Indeed an awesome addition to any Bernie Sanders fan collection. Even if you don’t smoke joints, who wouldn’t want to see that face when your friends roll up a fat one?

2. Translucent rolling papers

7 Crazy Rolling 2 7 Crazy Rolling Papers Youve Probably Never Heard Of
Photo credit

When you spend a lot of money on medical grade cannabis, the last thing you’d want to do is hide it’s beauty underneath a hemp rolling paper. These guys are super affordable and they have a similar feel to hemp.

3. 24k Gold Papers

7 Crazy Rolling 3 7 Crazy Rolling Papers Youve Probably Never Heard Of
Photo credit

For special occasions, these might just be the best rolling papers you could ask for. Although they can cost up to $15 each, they might just be worth it. Smoking a gold wrapped joint is  something straight out of a fantasy.

4. Urban Wraps

7 Crazy Rolling 4 7 Crazy Rolling Papers Youve Probably Never Heard Of
Photo credit

Do you still live in an area with strict cannabis laws? Well, these rolling papers might be the answer you’ve been looking for. From a distance, these papers look identical to a cigarette. And if no one can smell you, they’ve got no reason to question what you are doing.

5. Hemp Papers on a Roll

7 Crazy Rolling 5 7 Crazy Rolling Papers Youve Probably Never Heard Of
Photo credit

Do you roll a ridiculous amount of joints a day? Or do you plan on rolling a ginormous party joint? Look no further, these hemp based rolling papers can satisfy the demands of any smoke session.

6. Pre-rolled Cones

7 Crazy Rolling 6 7 Crazy Rolling Papers Youve Probably Never Heard Of
Photo credit

These cones are perfect for throwing in your backpack without having to worry about wasting time rolling a joint. Simply stuff your herbs in the end and light it up!

7. Wired Rolling Papers

7 Crazy Rolling 7 7 Crazy Rolling Papers Youve Probably Never Heard Of
Photo credit

These papers solve a problem that many smokers can never get used to. When the joint gets really small and you run the risk of burning your finger badly, many will just toss it before it finished to avoid the pain. But, with a wired rolling paper you can save your weed and your fingers!

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Schapelle Corby: The Infamous Australian Smuggler Is Going Home

Schapelle Corby hero Schapelle Corby: The Infamous Australian Smuggler Is Going Home

After almost a decade behind bars, Schapelle Corby will finally be returning to the Gold Coast in May. In 2005, Corby received a conviction for smuggling 4.2 kilos of cannabis into Bali. Now, with six months left on her sentence to serve, the 39-year-old is looking forward to coming home. Although it’s unclear as to what her plans are, her sister Mercedes says it’s nice to wait and see what happens. Be sure to check out the video below to hear about what she’s doing in the meantime.

Schapelle Corby is returning to the Gold Coast

In 2005, Schapelle Corby was caught smuggling 4.2 kilos of cannabis into Bali. Despite Corby protesting her innocence throughout the trial, the 39-year-old spent almost a decade in prison.

However, there is now confirmation of her release date, which is May 27, 2017, according to News Corp. Therefore, Corby gets to call the Gold Coast home once again.

Although her plans aren’t necessarily clear, indications point out that she will be joining her sister Mercedes. Moreover, there’s a possibility that she will be working at Mercedes’s new Coolangatta bar, Laneway Dining and Bar.

According to Mercedes, the bar is a family business. However, it’s unclear as to where Corby will fit in there,

No, we don’t really talk about that stuff. We’ll wait to see what happens. For now it’s just nice to wait and see what happens when it gets closer to her coming home.

In February of 2014, Corby became the first Australian to be granted parole in Bali and the second in Indonesia.

Upon release, it is suspected that Corby will be deported immediately from Indonesia and back to the Gold Coast.

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