Cannabis Social Clubs Are Illegal, Alaska AG Says


JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) — Alaska’s attorney general said Wednesday that marijuana social clubs are illegal, addressing what had been a hazy area following the state’s legalization of recreational cannabis.

The legal opinion does not apply to licensed retail marijuana shops, for which state regulators are considering rules allowing cannabis consumption. The first retail shop licenses have yet to be approved.

At issue are clubs that charge fees for patrons to use marijuana onsite or that otherwise provide access to a significant number of people to consume marijuana there. Those are illegal, according to the opinion by Attorney General Jahna Lindemuth. “Under Alaska law, a business cannot sell or provide marijuana or allow marijuana to be consumed on the premises unless it is licensed as a retail marijuana store by the Marijuana Control Board,” Lindemuth wrote.

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Frederick County Council Considers Medical Marijuana


The massive, 67,000 square foot greenhouse, in Middletown, Maryland, equipped with huge sliding metal trays, is like a plant assembly line.

A line that, for the time being, is idled due to damage from a winter snowstorm.

Still, Larry Gude, whose family has grown ornamental flowers since 1889, has hope– and a plan.

“Did you ever dream when you were a kid, just starting out, that you’d be growing medical marijuana?’ he was asked. “No,” Gude answered, chuckling. “In the culture then, it was pot, it was Woodstock and all that. I had no idea there were any medicinal purposes at all.”

How times have changed– maybe.

The Frederick County Council is considering whether to approve the growing of medical marijuana in the area, as part of an eight-year pilot program.

But there are restrictions to the proposal.

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Massive Energy Bills Driving Greener Marijuana Business


Beneath a purple glow, in a warehouse sharing the street with two indistinguishable strip malls, Kevin Biernacki is growing around 100 pounds of medical marijuana. The purpose of this facility, owned by The Grove, is no different than that of 39 other cultivation sites approved in Clark County. Yet, the roughly 480 industrial lamps suspended over clusters of cannabis set this place apart.

Those energy-efficient lights allowed The Grove to slash its power bill. The decision to use LED lamps might seem unsexy at first, simply a marginal deduction on a complicated balance sheet. But it’s not. It is the type of business decision many experts believe can offer huge benefits in a growing market.

“In the long run, I think it will be an advantage,” Biernacki said.

That’s because indoor cultivation centers, which use lamps to mimic the sun and air conditioning to keep temperatures hospitable, suck up power. NV Energy has projected that some cannabis-growing operations could use up to five megawatts at one time, enough energy to power about 3,000 homes.

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Bangor Leaders Weigh Restrictions Ahead of Recreational Marijuana Vote


BANGOR, Maine — Bangor officials are preparing for the potential legalization of recreational marijuana by considering ways they might restrict cannabis sales and use in the city.

When voters hit the polls in November, they’ll decide whether to legalize the recreational use and growing of marijuana in Maine for people 21 and over. If the legalization initiative passes, towns and cities can pass certain restrictions, but can’t ban recreational use or cultivation of marijuana outright, under the initiative’s language.

Among the steps the city could take: Banning marijuana retail businesses, cultivation facilities or social clubs from setting up shop in Bangor; allowing the businesses only in certain industrial zones; or passing an “odor ordinance,” regulating “objectionable odors” such as marijuana, according to Assistant City Solicitor Paul Nicklas.

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Maryland Governor Hogan, black caucus discuss cannabis industry diversity

Gov. Larry Hogan promised Thursday to work with black lawmakers on the lack of diversity in Maryland’s new medical cannabis industry, but he stopped short of committing to any specific solution.

Hogan and leaders of the Legislative Black Caucus of Maryland met at the State House in Annapolis on Thursday afternoon.

“Multiple topics were covered including the lack of diversity in the recent awarding of provisional licenses by the Cannabis Commission,” Hogan spokesman Douglass Mayer said in a statement. “While the governor’s office has no role in this selection process, Governor Hogan made it clear that he shares their concerns and would work with them on possible solutions going forward.”

Del. Cheryl D. Glenn, chairwoman of the black caucus, said she suggested the governor consider calling a special session of the General Assembly to update the medical cannabis laws or issue an executive order. [Read More @ The Baltimore Sun]


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Stop What You’re Doing & Watch Bernie Get His Revenge

nn2 Stop What Youre Doing & Watch Bernie Get His Revenge

Everyone’s favorite weed characters are back! The Nug Nation has just released their latest episode, “The Debate”. Watch more characters than ever before come to life and laugh your butt off as Hilary battles Trump.

The Debate

Bong Burgundy analyzes the hilarious spoof debate. In their take on politics, Nug Nation presents the first “Presidential Debate Lip-Sych Battle”. Watch as Donald Trump makes his own lyrics to Kid Rock’s first big hit, “Ba-wit-da-ba”.

But the real action happens as Affy and Diesel watch the debate and begin to argue politics. Things get heated, to say the least, and we see the first appearance of one of the greatest strains of all time, Blue Dream.

If you want to discover his identity, you have to check out the video.

The Nug Nation

This tongue-in-cheek take on one small Colorado town mischievously mocks just about everything. From name brands to national trends, pot to politics, no subject is safe. And with that no-holds-barred approach, it makes the perfect spot for real cannabis companies to plop down some product placement.

Host Bong Burgundy heads the news desk and does his own celebrity interviews. He already interviewed famous celebrity Redman in his series “Potty Talks”. All the big names are there, and by big names, I mean your favorite strains of herb. Green Crack, Girl Scout Cookie, White Widow and more, every new resident of NugVille has an inspiration.

Filmed in Colorado, with real weed, The Nug Nation is America’s favorite weed comedy. Co-creator Dylan Pfohl said that making fun of serious situations helps to give us healthy perspective.

We felt like it was time for people to get a break from constant barrage of negative spin from the presidential candidates. We had a blast coming up with ways to find humor in something that’s really so irritating.

You can check out their antics on their website, YouTubeFacebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Who do you think they should feature next? What strain characters would you like to see? Share with us on Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments below.

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7 Cannabis Cakes That Will Leave Your Mouth Watering

mouthwatering cannabis cakes hero 7 Cannabis Cakes That Will Leave Your Mouth Watering

Glorious cake, what could possibly make this amazing treat any more decadent? Infusing it with THC, of course. There’s nothing better than a big slice of gooey chocolate cake. When the ingredients leave consumers with an equally delightful buzz, world’s collide, resulting in a perfectly harmonized cannabis confection. These seven cannabis cake recipes will keep your next party extra elevated and certainly in high spirits, just beware of overindulging.

1. Purple Kush Cake

1 mouthwatering cannabis cakes purple kush cake 7 Cannabis Cakes That Will Leave Your Mouth Watering
Photo credit

Not only does this cake have a beautiful presentation, the flavors are unbelievable. The cannabis oil gives the thick chocolate batter a deeper, more developed flavor, while the purple dye adds extra eye-appeal to the frosting. This cake would be perfect for an adult theme party.

Get the recipe for this sweet treat here.

2. Pineapple Upside Down Canna-Cake

2 mouthwatering cannabis cakes pineapple upsidedown 7 Cannabis Cakes That Will Leave Your Mouth Watering
Photo credit

Few things are better than a classic pineapple upside down cake. The tartness of the pineapple pairs perfectly with the light, airy, buttery cake. Once you add the canna-flour, canna-butter and canna-milk, one piece will have you feeling light and airy, too.

Get the recipe for this comfort food here.

3. Space Cakes

3 mouthwatering cannabis cakes space 7 Cannabis Cakes That Will Leave Your Mouth Watering
Photo credit

Sometimes, a whole cake is just not what the party calls for. Individual cupcakes are the newest trend in cake presentations, with some pretty extraordinary displays available. The cannabis-infused chocolate space cakes are out of this world and topped with the perfect amount of fluffy vanilla frosting.

Get the recipe for this crowd-pleaser here.

4. Red Velvet Cake

4 mouthwatering cannabis cakes red velvet 7 Cannabis Cakes That Will Leave Your Mouth Watering
Photo credit

Rich, decadent, over-the-top red velvet cake, covered in cream cheese frosting, is seriously a gift from higher powers. Mastering this dessert might require a few more steps, but the outcome is definitely worth the work. If anyone makes this, save me a slice.

Get the recipe for this mouth-watering, heavenly confection here.

5. Sour Cream Coffee Cake

5 mouthwatering cannabis cakes coffee 7 Cannabis Cakes That Will Leave Your Mouth Watering
Photo credit

Start the morning off right with a fresh cup of coffee and some infused coffee cake to match. Topped with nuts and chocolate chips, this kick-starter is full of protein and cannabis – the perfect combination to ensure a successful day.

Get the recipe for this morning glory here.

6. Flourless Cannabis Chocolate Cake

6 mouthwatering cannabis cakes flourless chocolate 7 Cannabis Cakes That Will Leave Your Mouth Watering
Photo credit

For all of my fellow Celiac Disease sufferers out there, finally, a dessert we can enjoy! This canna-cake require no flour, aka no gluten, aka no pesky reactions to the delicious foods we want to eat. While the cake itself does not have the consistency of a traditional cake, the rich, fudgy texture is okay with me.

Get the recipe for this gluten-free winner here.

7. Poppy-Pot Cake

7 mouthwatering cannabis cakes poppyseed 7 Cannabis Cakes That Will Leave Your Mouth Watering
Photo credit

Poppy seeds deliver a unique taste that pairs perfectly with the slight hint of cannabis many infused products are known to have. While it doesn’t overpower the taste, somehow the poppy seed seems to mix with the natural flavor of the cannabis and leave a satisfying, sweet aroma behind.

Sophisticated consumers will enjoy this cake better than the standard chocolate or vanilla options.

Get the recipe for this unique palate-pleaser here.

What’s your favorite cannabis cake? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or in the comments below.

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DEA Actively Looking For Marijuana Researchers; Their Answer? No Thanks

Wanted: Someone to grow marijuana for the federal government. Benefits: A contract likely worth millions and the chance to enable medical research. Requirements: Ability to deal with the costs and regulations that come with growing an illegal drug for the federal government.

For more than four decades, the University of Mississippi has had an exclusive license with the government to grow marijuana for federally sanctioned research. But this month, the Drug Enforcement Administration announced it would grant permission to other growers — an effort, it said, to expand the supply and variety of marijuana available for research.

So has the change set off a gold rush to grow the green? Not exactly.

STAT contacted almost a dozen agricultural schools, including those with industrial hemp programs, to gauge their eagerness to grow marijuana for the government. [Read more at STAT]

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Calif. Lawmakers Offer Tax Amnesty For Marijuana Shops

<![CDATA[Estimating that two-thirds of the medical marijuana stores in California have failed to pay sales taxes, state officials on Tuesday took a carrot-and-stick approach to persuade pot shops to pay the $106 million owed.

With the state preparing to license medical marijuana shops in 2018, the Assembly sent Gov. Jerry Brown a bill Tuesday that would establish a tax amnesty program to help bring scofflaws into compliance with the law.

The measure would allow medical cannabis sellers to temporarily avoid a penalty of 25% to 50% on late taxes but would block the issuance of new state licenses to any continuing violators.

Assemblyman Mike Gipson (D-Carson), who introduced the bill, said many medical cannabis shops have not registered with the state and paid taxes for fear of criminal prosecution because marijuana remains an illegal substance under federal law.

“You have a lot of businesses that would like to come out of the shadows and do the right thing,” Gipson said.

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NY to Allow Home Delivery

<![CDATA[ALBANY — Patients participating in the state's medical marijuana program will soon be able to get home delivery.

The state Department of Health on Tuesday announced a series of changes it intends to make to the state’s program, which launched in January and has faced criticism from patient advocates who say it’s too restrictive and difficult to access.

Among them is a plan to allow companies operating marijuana dispensaries to deliver the drug to patients’ homes, while nurse practitioners — in addition to doctors — would be able to certify patients for the program.

The changes were recommended by Health Department staff in a progress report earlier this month.

“We are constantly evaluating the program to make it more effective for patients and practitioners, and we believe that the implementation of these recommendations will do just that,” state Health Commissioner Howard Zucker said in a statement.

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